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ITQ Award L1

These are the same units as ECDL Essentials.

This includes

This level 1 qualification gives a basic introduction to accessing the internet and using the email functions.  The test is made up of 50% knowledge based and 50% performance.



Knowledge tested by answering  multiple choice questions

You will be able to:-

  • understand how to access the World Wide Web
  • search for specific information
  • access different web browsers, change web-browser settings
  • stay safe online
  • understand the security implications when online
  • identify and recognise threats from spam emails for example
  • be aware of the laws and guidelines
  • use bookmarks and favourites
  • be aware of other internet tools such as mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop, scanner etc
  • understand other online communications such as; twitter, facebook, MSN


Performance based on emailing


you will compose messages, send and receive emails, use the cc, bcc, reply, forward and add attachments.


IT Security for user is as it name implies about security when using IT systems.  This is a Level 1 unit and the test is knowledge based.  The exam is usually made up of  up of 32  to 34 multiple choice questions.


You need to be able to-

  •  Identify everyday security threats that may affect your access to IT, )  identify viruses and carry out checks, for eg( a trojan horse)


  •  Protect your IT systems:-

                           making backups

                           using secure sites

                           checking site authenticity

                           keeping your information secure

  •  Undestand the legalities by keeping up-to-date with guidleines and laws for using IT


You will never be able to totally secure any IT system but you can do a lot to minimise risk

This unit examines the main concepts of ICT, understanding the concept of file management through the organisation of documents in files and folders.


The test is made up of approximatley 60% knowledge based tested through multiple choice questions and 40% performance through a range of activiites in file managment.

What will you learn

  • how to use your windows operating system
  • the control panel
  • adjust settings for e.g. display larger text, change colours etc
  • organise your files, creating, naming, deleting folders
  • creating documents, editing  and moving to folders.
  • using subfolders
  • extracting and compressing files 
  • making shortcuts
  • using antivirus software
  • understanding the legalities that  apply to ICT users
  • Health and Safety
  • backing up your files


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