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1 Day Courses

Bespoke Training

  • 1 day, 2 day or 1/2 day training workshops are available 

  • Tailored courses to meet your needs.  Call us to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements 

  • Workshops are available on demand, please contact us to arrange 
Both  accredited and non- accredited courses are  available in the following areas.  Courses may be arranged for groups in house if required.  Check out what is available below.  If you need further information do not hesitate to contact us.  Currently the World Host is funded by the Department of Employment and Learning as part of a tourism initiative. See World Host for details

Units of ECDL may be available  as 1 day courses, however you be expected to have a good baisic knowledge of  using computers.

This includes

1 day training

A CV enables an employer to make a decision about who he/she will appoint for the vacancy in question.  

It is important therefore that you make a positive impression, so how you present yourself on your CV  is crucial.

What will you learn?

        - What to include in your CV

             - You will need details of your educational achievements to date, any past work experience with dates and details of employers
               -  At its most basic a CV should include the folllowing:-

                                    - personal details
                                    - education details
                                    - past work experience
                                    - skills
                                   -  hobbies

              - Writing a personal statement

              - CV templates

              - What will the employer want to see in my CV

              - Necessary elements of a good CV

              - Tailoring your CV

              - Highlighting your skills

      The result  will be a  CV that will create a positive image  that will give you the competitive edge when applying for your next job. 


      This module will be delivered using videos/DVDS

      -The programme includes:

      -Impact of body language in workplace transactions

      -Listening skills

      -First impressions

      -Impact of non verbal communications

      -Negative body language

      -Receptions skills

      -Reading bodylanguage
      • Introduction
      • An appraisal
      • A disciplinary meeting
      • A recruitment interview
      • An interdepartmental meeting
      • A sales meeting
      • Summary

      This unit tests your ability to use IT tools and systems to improve the productivity and efficiency of work activities in a variety of contexts.


      At Level 2  you are expected to be able to demonstrate knowledge and carry out instructions and  be able to plan and review your use of predefined or commonly used IT tools for tasks and activities. For example:-

      • Consider the requirements of the task for e.g. the time needed to complete the task, what it is for? have you everything you need to carry out the task?


      • Do you need clarification?  have you to do further research? who is your audience?


      • How accessible is the source?  do you need passwords? permissions? etc, 

      The techniques required will involve a number of steps and at times may be unfamiliar or non-routine. As a result of reviewing your work, you will be able to identify and use automated methods or alternative ways of working to improve productivity.

      In the assignment for the test you will be given a case study, you will be the administrator in post as it were and will have to carry out a list of instructions:-

      •  Explain why IT is used
      • Choosing appropriate software for specific tasks
      • Understanding guidelines and any limitations
      • Using shortcuts
      • Changing and adapting use of IT tools and systems
      • Developing and testing results to meet varying requiremnents


      What will YOU learn?  How to;


      Create a simple database, view in table and design format

      Create a table, rearrange data within a table, enter and edit data

      Sort and filter forms

      Run queries on forms, tables

      Create a new form, use the wizard

      Edit and enter data on form

      Modify and delete records

      Create reports, amend and edit data on report

      This level 1 qualification gives a basic introduction to accessing the internet and using the email functions.  The test is made up of 50% knowledge based and 50% performance.



      Knowledge tested by answering  multiple choice questions

      You will be able to:-

      • understand how to access the World Wide Web
      • search for specific information
      • access different web browsers, change web-browser settings
      • stay safe online
      • understand the security implications when online
      • identify and recognise threats from spam emails for example
      • be aware of the laws and guidelines
      • use bookmarks and favourites
      • be aware of other internet tools such as mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop, scanner etc
      • understand other online communications such as; twitter, facebook, MSN


      Performance based on emailing


      you will compose messages, send and receive emails, use the cc, bcc, reply, forward and add attachments.

      This course is a really effective way to develop your job hunting skills!

      The sessions will include the following:

      • What is an interview?

      • Understanding Job descriptions and Job Specifications

      • Why is an interview important?

      • Interview techniques

      • Competency Base interviews

      • Mistakes to avoid at interviews

      • Preparation for interview

      • What happens after the interview?

      • The Interview assessment Sheet- what does it look like?

      • Questions

      For more information please call us on 028 2582 1184 or email us at

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